Thinking about sustainability is thinking about cities that value the quality of life of their inhabitants, that have large green areas, that promote and value the local culture, that prevent the depletion of the environment and that guarantee its permanence for the next generations.

As a large part of the world’s population lives in big cities and their peripheries, these have become the epicenter of many of the world’s current problems, such as pollution, waste of natural resources, and overcrowding, where the quality of life, on average, is low per inhabitant.

It is in this sense that cities must reinvent themselves and ensure that they have been developing incentive policies to be more sustainable in various fields.

CharmingHouses has been collaborating in some projects that aim to improve the use of rainwater, the use of “green roofs”, or to improve the thermal quality of housing with reference performances, lowering consumption, in the use of renewable energy among other measures that are the pillars of this new phase in which we live.

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