A 360º service

Since 2002, we have been creating trends in architecture and urban rehabilitation in Portugal with over 320 completed works.

More than just an architecture, design, or construction company, we have the right skills to make our clients’ dreams come true.

Our teams combine knowledge, skill development, and attitude adoption to solve new problems with solutions that ensure our clients’ goals are met regardless of trends and conventions around us.

Our experience in coordinating multidisciplinary teams, diverse projects, and completed works ensures a unique ability to respond immediately and effectively in any area of CharmingHouses‘ expertise in different markets.

With rigor and the ability to provide formal consistency and discipline in the stages of an architecture project and its execution, we respect ideas, budgets, schedules, construction programs, and relationships between all stakeholders in each phase of the project or work.

Architecture Services

Designing a house involves aesthetic and functional exercises and studies, as well as its integration into its surroundings, creating unique features and characteristics. This combination allows us to meet the expectations of our clients.

Interior Design Services

Our projects result from the combination of various studies, such as the human scale, lighting which is crucial in the living experience of the housing, textures and finishes, colors, equipment and furniture, or even bioclimatic principles that improve the energy performance of the environments.

Services Rehabilitation

Cities like Lisbon and Porto are witnessing the progressive degradation of their buildings and urban equipment and structures. In this context, it is essential to develop integrated and sustainable urban rehabilitation processes. Charming Houses has been intervening in the historic areas of Lisbon and helping in the process of revitalizing these buildings or homes.

Smart Cities

The smart and creative city is a constant exercise for all those involved in its construction, programming and projection of its daily and future experience. On the one hand, we have the unstoppable and organic hustle and bustle of daily life, on the other hand, we have social, energy, ecological, digital or demographic transitions imposing new trends and organizations. At CharmingHouses, we have been equipping our teams with skills that can help address and think about the challenges of today or tomorrow in their real estate projects and investments in Portugal.

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